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Matt Deighton - Kids Steal Feelings

on Thursday, 16 February 2017.

Matt Deighton - Kids Steal Feelings

'Kids Steal Feelings' is the new Long Player by Matt Deighton (Mother Earth, Paul Weller & The Family Silver) and Chris Difford (Squeeze). Written in 2003 and recorded at Helioscentric Studios the LP also features a live studio band of the best players in bassist Neil Corcoran of Mother Earth, producer/pianist Richard Casuon of Whisky Town and drummer Ash Soan of Terry Reid/Marianne Faithful.

The lost album by two of the Uk's most prolific songwriters has been released with the newly formed Monks Road Records.

Mother Earth (Matt Deighton)

on Saturday, 30 March 2013.

Mother Earth (Matt Deighton)

One of the most exciting bands ever to come out of Acid Jazz in the 90's, Mother Earth are back!!! With classics like 'Stardust Bubblegum' 'Jesse' 'Stoned Woman' etc it's about time they reformed and gave us a good people back proper music..