Wolfy Foxlow

on Thursday, 23 May 2013.

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Wolfy Foxlow

If you want a good night out and wonder what happened the next day, Wolfy Wolf is the man for job.. We have a had a few drinks with him and he his as Rock n Roll as it gets.....

We grabbed Wolfy and asked him a few questions on what got him in to the scene and how he got involved in working with The Who...

To find out more info on Wolfy, hop on to his Facebook page.. Link below..


G-C - When and how did you get in to the mod scene

WW - I was actually bullied into listening to The Who when i was residing in a community home for kids in leafy St. Albans. The year was early 1979,I was 15 and most kids were listening to the usual top 40 crap. You have to remember we were just coming out of the glam rock scene, thank fuck ! So here I was looking for direction and it was handed to me on a plastic plate. I didn’t need no double takes, they blew me away, instantly...this was 6 months before Quad was released.....At school back then everyone was wearing flared strides, shirt collars worn outside their school blazer, fat ties and beetle crushers ! I turned up the next day the opposite! They all thought that I had gone mental and turned into a raving looney ! ! A few months later...they were all dressed like me....only not as cool. Obviously…


What scooters have you owned

Over the years I have owned an Li150 series 3, ,Vespa 100,Vespa Super,Primevera 125,Vespa DL125,Rally 200,GS Mk1,GS.Mk2,T5.PX125,PX200 disc.. Never a twist'n'go ! ! ! 


Favourite scooter rally you’ve been to and why

I have been to many scooter rallys all over the world, IOW comes close because it's so fuckin fab and well turned out plus I first went to the Island was back in 1982 and a lot happened then, I.E. beer tents set on fire coz they had run out of beer ! Just mental stuff, but I think the American rallies have got it well sussed especially the west coast,SFO, LA they know how to do it, sponsorship from beer company’s, land owners...it's all there, masses of scooterists getting on it and know gives a fuck! The old bill let us get away with it coz there is no aggro, no reason for it, just people digging the scene and having a blast....We should take a leaf, any leaf from there book,(or plant)...Nuff said. 


For those that haven’t seen it, you have your own You Tube channel, Wolfy Wolf. Its chaotic but we like it. Any new footage on the horizon

There is always new footage on the horizon for my You Tube site, I am working on a project as we speak, it involves my love of music and the crazy rock'n'roll circus that I travel with. It’s an on-going saga, the only time it will stop is when I cease breathing...If The Who decide to chuck in the union flag emblazoned war time coat? I will still carry that torch for as long as my withered arm will allow me too....I adore The Who but more importantly I adore the people that have made and continue to make The Who... 


Best band live you’ve seen

The best band I have ever seen. Tut tut...The 'Orrible 'Oo ! of course. Outside The Who......Green Day Wembley stadium 2010 or something blew my fuckin' mind. You have to remember, in my game I have seen 1000's of bands some of them huge and some not. I have loved most of them,. The most unlikely bands have been awesome and the ones you expect to live up to that have failed dismally. I must add, Dogs are incredible, Graham Coxon(Blur), Penguins (My dear friend Zak Starkey and Sh) and of course, Oasis and Kasabian.. 


You now compere for The Who, Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, The Mahones, Desmon Dekker, Secret Affair, Selecter, Lambrettas, Purple Hearts, The Undertones, Mary Love, Dean Parish and at scooter rallies… How did you get in to that

I first got into intros through a guy called Robin Quartermain from the Chelmsford scooter club. He is the organiser for the scooter rallies held at Pontins and is also responsible for all the live entertainment and he chose me to dj as well as the mc, so that was the beginning. When Roger Daltrey decided to go on the U S tour with 'Tommy', I asked if he wanted an intro and he said 'to fuckin' right', that was the first gig of the 2 month tour right across north America, so I ended up as part of the act, so to speak, it was expected. So one thing leads to another and I suppose we like to keep our rock'n'roll friends close and we look out for each other. 


Favourite place you’ve been to on tour and why

My fave place on tour..Mmmm.. Tough one...Italy for the beautiful country side and women and wine, the passion of the crowd, (quite scary at times, Verona 2007 nearly got us lynched!) Japan for their enthusiasm and short skirts!, the Australians for their sheer craziness and passion. But it has to be the good old U S of A, coz’ they simply go fucking ballistic and don’t give a shit who sees it !...


What crowd is most up for it

So, who is most up for it, it has to be the Italians, no question.. 


The Who tour kicks off June 8th at the 02 Arena, Dublin. Are you looking forward in getting back out on the road

I always look forward to getting back on the road, it’s the only place to be. I hate being at home and simply adore living out of a suitcase. I get so bored at home,. The ants in my pants are so fuckin' big they drive my nut's nuts!! I permanently have itching powder on my feet...its rock'n'roll itching powder and jiving ants, what am I supposed to do? 


What else can we expect from you, anything else on the horizon

There is always something on the horizon, there has to be, otherwise you might as well jump in the sea and drown, right? I am currently writing an autobiography, making pop/rock movies, a bit of touring here and there, trying to keep out of Barney Rubble, but above all I am concentrating on breathing, drinking and shagging as many birds as possible !!!! Next >?

Wolfy the Mod xx 2013…

Cheers Wolfy!! 



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