The Sonic Jewels

on Tuesday, 25 November 2014.

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The Sonic Jewels


The Sonic Jewels have had rave reviews for their live performances, such as;

"Touchstones Hendrix and Cream are worn proudly on sleeve" - MOJO Magazine

"The Sonic Jewels sound like the bastard child of The Prisoners and Cream" - Mod Speed

"a tremendous live act who manage to conjure excitement and energy from start to finish" - Lois Wilson (MOJO)

"The Sonic Jewels lit up the stage with guile, energy and pure rock and roll spirit." -

"These riff-heavy rockers have an insanely infectious, grungey jubilance that’ll suck you right into their hyper-kinetic vortex." – Miss Dolly Mod (My Old Kentucky Blog)

We first heard them down in Carnaby Street where they blew our Toby's ear drum to pieces, wasnt right for weeks... Wanting to know more, we asked the bands lead guitarist, Justin Light a few questions on TSJ


G-C - Who are The Sonic Jewels

JL - Laurence O'Toole, Justin Light & Danny Maidens

When and how did you form the band

Just over four years ago. Laurence and Dan met in a band called, Hypnosis before a brief spell in Sundial which came to an end.. Laurence wanted a guitarist for a new band so advertised on Gumtree where Justin happened to be scouring the ads for just such an opportunity. Justin had a jam with Laurence at his place, they both hit it off and booked a rehearsal for the following week.

We have read the reviews on the band; however how would you describe The Sonic Jewels"

A great rock 'n' roll experience you never knew you needed until you witnessed it, now you can't get enough!

How would you describe your image

Psychedelic, funky and organic.

What do you think of the current crop of bands out there

There's some really good music being ignored by the mainstream but that's nothing new so nothing to worry about too much, cream rises!

What bands would you see on a day off

Day off, what's that

How did your first album “The Dark Road To Venus” go down

Everyone who has heard it loves it which is very encouraging. It's great to come off stage and be told by a complete stranger that they love the album and they love the live show. Similarly, it's great to get an email from a radio DJ saying the same.

An amazing live, energy driven show you played down in Carnarby Street..... What is the usual reaction from those that have seen you live

People love the energy and are always amazed that we keep it up for the whole gig. We love performing live and I think people pick up on that and want to join in by dancing, cheering, heckling which we wholeheartedly encourage. It's all part of the live gig experience.

New EP release, available soon, tell us more about it

The new EP was recorded and produced by ourselves after visiting too many studios who were using measuring tapes for mic placement and forgetting that the most important thing in recording after the song is the vibe. After much listening to our record collections we decided to record in mono using three microphones. One on the drums, one on the guitar and one on the bass. We played all the tracks live and if something was too loud or quiet we moved a microphone. Because we weren't clock watching or playing in front of anyone we could experiment with improvisation which we think really comes out on Bring Him Back. Once the basic tracks were down we layered up instrument by instrument, vocal by vocal until we reached the final mixes which we kept in mono because it seems to jump out at you in a way stereo just doesn't.

Any further gigs line up to see out the year

We haven't booked one yet but it would be nice if we could gate crash someone's New Years Eve party. Otherwise the EP launch (11th December, Borderline, Charing Cross Road, London, doors open at 7pm) with Psych legends July will be a great one and it would be nice to repeat that in the new year.

What do you have lined up for 2015

We have a campervan now so festivals are a must. Lowestoft Scooter Rally is booked already and we should be returning to Retrofestival later in the year along with a few others in negotiation right now. Also, Griffiths Records has kindly asked to release an as yet unreleased track called Yeah Yeah, Oh No! there's the rest of the mono album to get out and we have a whole load of finished new songs which we're looking forward to record soon too.

Cheers, good luck with the new EP and 2015... G-C

Order the new EP here -


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