The Romleys

on Thursday, 09 May 2013.

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The Romleys


Hailing from Liverpool, The Romleys have been praised by the likes of Lamacq and Lamarr... A new single out and selling well named 'We Love Everyone' and plenty more in the pipeline. The remainder of the year looks a busy one.

We caught up with boys and asked them a few questions below


G-C - When and how did you form

TR - Garry - We came together out of a mutual appreciation of disliking 99.9% of modern music.

TR -John - Maybe more.


Who is in the band

Garry Eager

James walsh

John Currie


For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe yourselves

John: Pre digital

Garry: Musically? I’d say its good time music.

John: yeah.


Who are your musical influences

Garry: People who mean it. We listen to a lot of random people.

John: As well as the obvious greats, you know? Sugar Pie Desanto and that!


You have just released 'We Love Everyone' have you received good feedback off the back of it

Garry: Yes, the love vibe is spreading.

John: We’re getting a lot of posititvity back.

Garry: The kids seem to love it.


What do you think of the current crop of bands, any you rate

Garry: The Bees.

John: I agree with Garry.


How did your gig at The Paper Dress Vintage go

John: It was smashing.

Garry: We really like The Paper Dress. It’s not every day you get to play in a boutique. Lovely people


Any other gigs lined up

John: The Ruby Lounge in Manchester on 11th May. Boss venue


What can we expect from The Romleys in 2013

Garry: More interesting music. Flying around the country and popping up here and there.


Thanks for your time lads..

You’re welcome!

The Romleys


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