The Repeat Offenders

on Wednesday, 16 April 2014.

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The Repeat Offenders



Formed back in 2011, Andrew, Seb, Graham and Steve are based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The Repeat Offenders site says, they’re The Stone Roses meet The Rolling Stones, with an Oasis attitude with a Richard Ashcroft vibe to even things out.

They deliver a true rock and roll set, full of BRITISH attitude conveyed by their lead singer Andrew Ruddick. When listening to their music, you feel like you are there with them, on a journey of life experiences told with grit, anguish and melody that wants to make you move.

They have recently completed recording at Paul Weller’s Blackbarn Studios with Charles Rees at the controls. As well as the Modfather; Charles has worked with previously The Rifles, The Strypes, Merrylees and Bruce Foxton.


G-C - Repeat Offenders, who is in the band.


RO - Andrew (vocals/rhythm guitar), seb (lead guitar), graham (bassist) and steve (drums)



When and how did you form


Andrew started things off and got everyone together. Met through social networking online and by word of mouth.



For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music


We have that mid 90s indie feel coming through, definitely upbeat tunes. We got some slow ones but we'd rather get people moving and get rowdy.

That is an open invitation next time we are on stage



Who are your musical influences


Oasis, The Verve, Kasabian, The Rifles are a good start.



Any releases coming out


Recently finished recording at Paul Wellers studio. First single out May 4th is entitled 'Lose Control'.


We managed to get a video filmed on a roof in Fulham, thanks to our mate Ryan for sorting that out!


That should be online just before release, maybe 28th April it will be available.



Where is 'Lose Control' available to buy


You can pre-order right now on iTunes, will be all other digital stores on the day of release too.


We will have limited CDs available at future gigs and through our website too!


What do you think of the current crop of bands, any you rate

There are quite a few that we really appreciate, likes of States Of Emotion, The Swiines, Welcome Pariah are worth a listen!  



Big gig coming up at Modfest, Brighton within a few weeks. Looking forward to it


That is now postponed till a later date...



Any other gigs lined-up


We are supporting our The Rifles at Shepherds Bush Empire and Manchester Ritz.



What else can we expect from The Repeat Offenders in 2014


We have a gig with new found friends The Swiines at the Water Rats on June 6th

There are not too many tickets left, if you can come get your tickets from for £6 from our website here - 


Cheers lads - G-C



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