The Family Silver

on Friday, 13 March 2015.

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The Family Silver



No introduction needed for the new band, The Family Silver. Featuring Damon Minchella Bass Guitar, Matt Deighton Guitar Vocals, Justin Shearn Hammond Pianos and Steve White drums... Judging by the samples, it's what we have all been crying out for!!!

We caught up with Steve and asked him a few questions...


G-C - For those that as yet have not heard of The Family Silver, who are the players

SW - It features myself on drums, Damon Minchella on bass , Matt Deighton on guitar and vocals and Justin Shearn on keyboards , we will be joined on percussion by Steve Sidelnyk

What was behind the name of the band

Its so hard to come up with a band name , we just liked it , it sounds solid and a couple of us have got a bit of silver going on up top .

Without the obvious Weller connection, how did the band get together

I think that is the connection really , I played on one of Matts solo albums and then Matt came to jam with the Trio valore when we were in Wales and we just clicked . we did some demos and they came together really well .

Yourself and Damon have been playing together with Trio Valore for years, however how was it being back in the studio with Matt as well as Justin

It was great , it was really fresh , Justin and Damon both worked on Sam Grays album so we are all friends .

Where is the album being recorded

Its going to be recorded with Gaz Vaughn Hadfield at Blueprint in Manchester , a great studio, top place , Elbow do a lot of stuff there .

Without giving too much away, how would you describe the sound of the album

Good songs most importantly, Gaz is a great engineer, I want it to sound big, warm and powerful .

The new album is funded by your pledge page, what is on   offer 

A lot of the less obvious stuff like the studio visits was snapped up really quickly , we have Mono vinyl , regular vinyl , CDs , Sticks . music lessons , some really cool stuff .

How is the pledge funding coming along. (Since this interview, after just three weeks the band raised the entire budget for the record and the Pledge is now 105 %, however purchases can still be made)

After less than two weeks we have approx. 65 % , we are using that money for the manufacturing , the PR the artwork , the website , the musicians etc , for the actual recording we have a sponsor DCB builders in kent , they are our patrons , Chris and Caroline Webster run the company and wanted to do something to support us , in return we are donating a percentage of our profit to Demelza Childrens hospice in Kent . You got to look at different ways to get your music out now , record labels offer such a poor deal to .

Is the album only available via the pledge page, once released

No we will be discussing sales via distributors once all the pledgers have got their albums .

There is a mono and stereo mix of the album available, rarity now days. What was thinking behind that

The Chilli peppers did it a while back , so modern bands still do it , it was also a nod to classic recorded albums by artists like the Beatles, Stones and Who .

On the description page it states “We want to make a great album, a rare commodity these days of cheap tracks, downloads and give-aways” why do you think the industry has sold its soul

Because the great elephant in the room is that the song makes virtually no Money . The industry does not recognise the value in its very own life blood , its just changed , people want different things from artists , they want engagement , they want personalised stuff and at the end of the day they do know they can go on a streaming site and get the music later on .

A question that the good people wanted us to ask was, when will you be hitting the road

Hopefully by the end of the year , I want good people on board , a Facebook site does not do what a promoter can I am afraid .

What else is lined up for the band for the remainder of the year

Recording and then looking at gigs , I am teaching at Trinity and Goldsmiths college plus consulting for Premier on the UK product so happily keeping busy .

Best of luck with it all - cheers for the interview Steve... G-C

Links to the band, found at the foot of the page - get involved...


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