Stuart Deabill

on Sunday, 03 February 2013.

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Stuart Deabill


Stuart Deabill has Chelsea FC running through his veins and has also written a book on The Jam, named Thick as Thieves... Weller himself described the book as the best that has seen on The Jam.

On top that Stuart runs a club night called Away From The Numbers, manages The Spitfires and has another book in the pipe line... Cant beat keeping yourself busy.

Read more on the man below!!

Thanks to Stuart and Darren (Chelsea Boy) Bennett for the info....


 Stuart Deabill

Stuart Deabill is a West London born disciple of the holy trinity of music, football and clobber. Having walked out of Ealing Green High School without an exam to his name he knew all he needed was the lyrics of Weller, the West Stand of Stamford Bridge and the clothes of Stuarts in West London to see him through his formative years. He started a band but soon got booted out for being shit, started DJing which he was slightly better at but still managed to occasionally clear dancefloors at the drop of a needle and held down a number of jobs including fruit and veg packing to postman, through to various delivery driver jobs. 

Never one to let the grass grow, he followed Chelsea home and abroad, saw every band worth their salt from The Smiths to The Arctic Monkeys and kept the faith with the Weller through thick and thin (apart from the late 80’s where he swopped allegiance to The Soup Dragons who he thought was going to be as big as The Beatles).


Stuart is currently co -writing his third book Supersonic – Personal Situations With Oasis with Ian Snowball for September 2013 release and follows in the wake of the successful Thick As Thieves – Personal Situations With The Jam.

Also due out this year is Deabill & Snowball’s  ‘ From Ronnie’s To Ravers – 50 years of London Clubland ‘ about the importance and diversity of the Capital’s clubs over the years.

Stuart hosts a sporadic popular club night called Away From The Numbers in which Gary Crowley has called “the best adult youth club he’s ever been to “ still DJ’s for friends , family and wrong un’s and manages the fast rising Watford trio The Spitfires and is generally to be found ranting on Facebook. 



 Arriving on the shelves July 2013..... From Ronnie's to Ravers - Personal Situations in London Clubland is another cracking book from Stuart Deabill and Ian Snowball.... 

The book features stories and memories from the across the board. Including Jazz, Ted, Skinhead, Mod, Punk, Soul Boy, House, Rare Groove, Britpop and Rave. We don't try attempt to try and define the scenes, genres or clubs but we do portray how exciting the nightlife of London was to each individual we interviewed or who wrote their own tale. 

DJ's, Promoters, Club Runners, Dealers and Punters share their expiriences of London from the 50's through to the 90's . Also some of the clubs of distinction are written about as are the drugs of each era that gave London's clubs its hedonistic edge.

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