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on Sunday, 16 November 2014.

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Soldier On


The Soldier On site reads, "A lot of the time the music industry isn't just about music, its about fashion and style as well.. So, its just as well we're a fashionable bunch"

A bit of a statement to make but these boys can back themselves up with those comments...

We caught up with Jordan Bastock, frontman with the band for a bit of a chin wag...


G-C - Who are Soldier On

JB - Soldier On inhabit a world where the 7" is king. A world of Dansettes and desert boots. A world of black and white telly, half-day closing and an "Allo Mrs Jones, 'ows's your Bert's lumbago?" over the garden wall. A world where the beat group reigns supreme, where R'n'B means rhythm and blues. Forward-thinking retro-revisionists, Soldier On are unashamedly a rock 'n' roll group.

When and how did you form the band

Soldier On formed in the summer of 2012. Through Jordan's heavy appreciation of minted side-burns, he clocked Stevie Hunter, the barman in the local pub and asked him if he would be interested in forming a Rock'n'Roll group. Stevie brought Ben to the rehearsal, and friends of Jordan; Liam and Ross, also attended. Our adoration of similar music and fashion tastes made us ideal for each other. From thereon we became Soldier On.

For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music

Our music is stripped down, black and white, scratchy and jangly Rock'n'Roll. Our influences would range from artists such as; The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks. However, for us to tell you how it sounds on a disk, doesn't really explain anything. The live energetic performances are what strike people in the face and get the crowds feet stomping. There is a huge Dionysiac element to our performance. It is both; shambolic and beautiful.

How would you describe your image

There are multiple elements to our image. It would be fair to say that we encompass the 1960s/90s Mod style bracket. You can see for yourself that Ben, Ross and Stevie tend to favour neat collard polo shirts with fitted jeans and a combination of either razor sharp Chelsea boots or Clarks styled original Desert boots. Whereas Liam and Jordan might be seen with some Burgundy velvet Peacoat's or 3 buttoned suits. And under no circumstances whatsoever, can ones hair be imperfect.

What do you think of the current crop of bands out there

We like current bands/artists like; Miles Kane and Beady Eye, but that's about it when it comes to the charts. However, with regards to new artists that are on the rise, like The Monday Club from Sheffield, The Amazing Snakeheads from Glasgow and Sleaford Mods, who are quite hip/hop, but drive the cultural and social ideologies/messages that we think are similar to what the Mods endured in the late 1970s, with regards to austerity and inequality.

You released an EP called Eggs For Breakfast, how did that go

The release of Eggs For Breakfast was a success. It was our very first EP. We had never recorded together before or released anything either. For us to actually get the EP released and printed seemed like a success at the time, never mind selling any copies and letting people hear it. Although, it must be said that we are really pleased with the results and the feedback that we have received from it. It will always be remembered by us as the EP that we loved and hated most. We spent so much time trying to make it perfect that we lost track of time and 3 months would go by before we decided on what the artwork was going to be. However, the end result was exactly as we wanted. In the end it was worth it.

Where is the EP available to purchase

You can buy/stream the EP through the following link;

Any other releases coming soon

We have a new EP due for release at the end of February/beginning of March. We are also in the process of booking a UK tour.

Image courtesy of Árpád Horváth

Image courtesy of Árpád Horváth 


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