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on Friday, 22 February 2013.

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Shoot the Scoots


Making a right good name for himself within the scene, Topham Brown is the man behind Shoot the Scoots...

With a few cracking ideas in the mix you will find Topham at a scooter rally near you very soon. However, you may want to book him quick as it looks as if this year will go with a bang!!


G-C 25 years + serving for queen and country what was the thinking behind Shoot the Scoots

T-B It's a long time in the same job & I needed something to do away from the Army stuff, when I had a bit of down time. I've had my Sports & Events Photography running for sometime, but always had a passion for the Scootering & Music Scene's across all the Subcultures. My main site started to get a bit cluttered with all the different types of events I was doing so I created Shoot the Scoots. This will be purely for the Scooters, Music & People within the Scootering community. There's a big Scooter following throughout the Armed Forces so no doubt when the season starts again I'll be bumping into some old faces, that's if they're not away somewhere!

In a short amount of time you have built quite a reputation & seem to have a bit of an eye for a shot, are you self-taught

Thank you, Yeah it's great to get be complemented on your work. Completely self taught, thats the best thing about digital, you can keep shooting & learn from your own mistakes. It makes life easier when you have a good knowledge of the subjects your shooting. You already know pretty much what the client/customer wants from the shoot & even throw in some of your own suggestions to try & get that special image for them. With the social media platforms available it's easy to get your work out there for anyone to see & for them to hopefully forward it on to others if they like it.

Any shoots that stand out

Two that come to mind. I had a call to do a quick shoot in Camden for another clothing company for their summer 2012 range. This was in February & it was freezing, -5 at 7am on Camden Lock. We had the models in T-shirts, short sleeves sitting on cold scooters. Trying to do a summer shoot when there is still snow on the ground & the lock is frozen is quite difficult. Thank god for decent editing software. The images came out really well though, so everyone was happy. The other was a shoot on Beachy Head. Once the shoot was done we got the scooters going & done some shots riding along the edge of the cliffs trying to recreate the scenes from Quadrophenia.

What got you in to the scene

I had little choice really. My Ma was heavily into the London Mod scene when she was growing up & when I was young she would play all the records of that era. Her Lambretta in the garden helped too, although I can always remember getting told off for kicking a ball at it. As I grew up the music & subcultures changed, there was all sorts of great music & "Ways of Life" I didn't class myself as any in particular & still don't. - Loved it all!! Especially the fact the that there was scooters involved with all of them.

Do you own a scooter, if so what

Sore point - I had a Lambretta TV before I joined the Army, but when I was posted to Germany my Ma got rid of it - Forgive but never forget!! I'm in the process now of pricing up Piaggio Ape that I'll convert to run a mobile print station & mini studio at events & rallies I go to. I'm heading over to Italy hoping to pick one up at a bargain & get it all kitted out ready for late this year or the 2014 season.

Any favourite rallies that you attend

Not in particular, I haven't done the IOW for a couple of years now as the Brighton Weekender is over the same time. Plus it's only a walk away to the seafront. And I suppose I do have a soft spot for the "Mirrored up" scoots. Having said that I'm seriously thinking of doing both this year over the Bank Holiday weekend. If exposure of Shoot the Scoots works I'll no doubt start heading out to Bridlington, Mersea Island, Woolacombe etc...

You have a couple of sites, what service do you offer

As I said earlier my other site will now focus on Sporting & Social Events work. My Monday - Friday job if you like & Shoot the Scoots will be for when I'm out & about at weekends or at music events mid week. On both sites the services are the same, offering prints on site, photo shoots or general photographic coverage of an event. Post event sales through the sites are available too with canvases, mounted & framed images. My prices are good too, a lot cheaper than most!! Discounts always available at Rallies as I'll already be there & my phone will be with me. No problems with a quick call to ask for an impromptu shoot - I'll always have sufficient equipment/lighting with me.

It’s great to see you support Help for Heroes, do you do much for them

Yeah, massive supporter of Help for Heroes & I help out whenever I can, mainly the Sporting events they do. I've covered the last two London Marathons & last year prior to the Olympics I covered a charity test day at the Olympic stadium that had the guys from the Battle Back programme competing. That was a great experience to be down on trackside & have access to all areas capturing all the competitors throughout the day. Last May I covered the Big Battlefield Bike Ride for them. A six day challenge throughout France & Belgium. More to follow this year too....

What do you have lined up this year

It's already started which is nice, next up is the Kick Start Ride Out - Bar Italia Scooter Club. Hoping to get some good coverage of the scoots through the streets of London. The Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton will be another great event in May. Last year was brilliant, this one will only grow & get better every year. Back with Mods Fest in June will be a massive event, really looking forward to it. Then it's into August with IOW & Brighton.

Many thanks for providing the time Mr Brown... 



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