Samuel Rogers Band

on Sunday, 06 July 2014.

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Samuel Rogers Band


We had the privilege of having the Samuel Rogers Band play for us down at Carnaby St. We knew they sounded good from the recordings we had heard, however live they were amazing. If you get the opportunity to see S.R.B make a point of it, their EP has been played non-stop since we got our hands on it.

We caught up with the top fella, Sam to ask him a few questions on what the band is currently up to, influences and the music scene in general.



G-C - S.R.B have to be our favourite band of the moment, who are The Samuel Rogers Band

S-R - Big thanks! Glad you’re diggin’ what we do. We are a three piece band based in Kingshurst, Birmingham and Coleshill, North Warwickshire.
The S.R.B consists of me (Samuel Rogers) in Vocals, Guitar and Songwriting department, my long-time best mate Harry Griffiths in the Drums department and long-time family friend Chris Moulton in Bass department. With having known Harry and Chris throughout most of my life and being top musicians that are into my songs, there’s a great unity amongst us as a band, which of course, is great.

When and how did you form the band

We formed sometime in July 2013 as a result of Chris [Moulton] contacting me saying he’d been playing some bass riffs over my songs which he had been listening to on Youtube. So we met up and had a jam and I loved what he had come up with on his bass guitar. We did a handful of acoustic gigs together. Chris was getting back into playing live music again after not having played live for quite some time so it was great practise for him. It come to my attention that Chris had a drum kit in the big spare room where he lives (in The Green Man pub in Coleshill) so I suggested I could try to get my mate Harry [Griffiths] to come along sometime and have a go on the drums. Well, as soon as I said to Harry “We can jam above a pub every week!” he was straight on it!
We then practised for a good few months before we had a first gig at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham in October 2013, which we ended up headlining due to such a high demand for tickets…Good times, indeed.

You started off as acoustic before forming the band, did you fancy a change

Well I’d always felt the songs I was writing were more suited for being played on the electric guitar with a band rather than just on the acoustic guitar on my own, so I was always up for starting a band, just with the right like-minded people. In which it fell into place nicely.

For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music

There’s all sorts going on really…We have many songs ranging from different genres so it’s hard to categorize us. There’s some funky tunes, some proper rockin’ tunes, some soulful tunes, some bluesy tunes, and some trippy stuff going on too. We like to experiment.

Who are your musical influences

I’ve always been mad on Oasis since I was a kid. The tunes, the swagger, the presence…’mad fer it’. Paul Weller is a big influence for a number of reasons; his passion towards music, his songwriting, and that he is always looking to venture further with his music. Damon Albarn is an influence for his creativity. There are quite a lot of influences, I’d be here all day if I were to go through them, but I’d say I’ve named the main ones.

Any other releases coming soon

We are planning to start work on recording our first album in August/September time this year so hopefully, that’ll be out nearer the end of the year. We have all the songs lined up for it. We’re even coming up with new material for the album after that so there’s plenty in the pipeline.

Where will it be available to purchase

We’ll have them available at our gigs and on the usual online distribution outlets [iTunes, Amazon MP3, Emusic, Google Play and Spotify] as well as our debut EP ‘Turn It Up!!!’.

Where can we listen to more of The Samuel Rogers Band

You can hear us on You Tube on Soundcloud and on reverbnation as well as some old acoustic home recording and live recordings too. Full links at the foot of the page!

Current crop of bands, any you rate

I rate Kasabian; they’re a brilliant live band. Tame Impala are mega. I’m liking The Black Keys, particularly their older stuff. Jack White always comes up with the goods. The Moons have got some good tunes…
My brother has a monthly subscription to Mojo magazine, so we get a new compilation CD with it every month, and they’re always some old hidden gems on them that’d I would have never heard of before, so I enjoy listening to them compilations.

You've supported a few regulars from the Ocean Colour Scene crowd, how was that

I jam with Andy Bennett regularly on a Monday night at The Brown Lion in Hockley, Birmingham. He’s proper sound, and it’s always a good jam. I supported Steve Cradock twice doing solo acoustic sets, which was very enjoyable as I’m a big fan of OCS and his guitar playing skills. It was nice to meet him.

You played for us down in Carnaby St in June, where else are you lined-up to play

We’ve got plenty of gigs coming up in Birmingham over the next few months. One I’m looking forward to is supporting The Moons when they come to The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath on September 20th. We’re looking to branch out to different cities as well.

What else can we expect from The Samuel Rogers Band for the rest of the year...

Plenty more gigs, plenty more Rock & Roll shenanigans and a new album by the end of the year, which will make the perfect Christmas present.


Cheers Sam G-C

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