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South West London band Redeye, played for us a few months back.. Impressed with what we heard we evetually caught up with the boys and asked them a few questions....


Who are Redeye

Redeye are a 4 piece Rock/Indie/Motownesque sounding band from South West London.

Redeye are ;-
Jez Dubery Front Man
Lewis Wilkinson. Drums
Cameron Kinghandsome Websdale . Bass
Ollie Foord. Guitar & backing vox

When and how did you form the band

 The band was formed in December 2012. Originally it was Ollie & Jez that got writing the songs and playing acoustically .Then Lewis Wilkinson joined who lives down the road from Ollie bringing with him Cameron Websdale on the bass (AKA) Kinghandsome!

 For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music

To describe the sound of Redeye would be as a very volume & sound dynamic band with influences stretching from the likes of The Who to The Clash , and ska from time to time. There are some reggae feels from time to time added in to certain tracks. A good example is on a track entitled Not For Now! Which is in the realms of being mastered , & also a track entitled Out of Sight which is about to be released on a single called Not Enough Sky .

You released an EP, how did that go

Redeye have since released an E.P. called Making Out! Produced by Rex Brayley of the Love Affair , based around an encounter at a tech college that Ollie used to go to in Willesden.. it’s about a pal there that used to go to various swingers parties around London , get in to loads of mischief & normally ended up skint at the end of it. There's are also 3 other tracks , called Tottenham Hale based around Ollie trying to get home from North London & written in August 2011, coincidently 1 week before the riots. One step back, which is basically about splitting up /relationships and moving on written by both Jez Dubery & Ollie Foord and Dusk till dawn a track penned by Ollie again about a close friend who has an ex girlfriend that comes back to borrow money , get a shag , somewhere to stay but then sneaking of swiftly again for another few weeks.

Where will the EP be available to purchase

The EP “Making Out” is currently on I tunes and Amazon music at 79p a track.

Any other releases coming soon

 The next single release in Not enough sky! Which is due to be released at the end of October. The titles of the 3 track EP are Not enough sky , Out of Sight & Light fingered Larry.

Who are your musical influences

Where as current bands are concerned, we rate Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and The Great One Republic. Other than that its people like Adelle , Pharell Williams & Bruno Mars in particular that are turning our heads at the moment.

What else can we expect from Redeye for the rest of the year

Redeye are aimed to play more shows before Christmas , including
The Alley Club in Cambridge, The west Byfleet Social Club, The Noble Vine in Walton on Thames, The Hob Goblin in Staines. We have also had a mention in a loyal fans of ours book soon to be released who has also written Friday on My Mind by Don Hughes who comes to see the band regularly

Cheers to the lads for the interview… G-C




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