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Originally hailing out of High Wycombe but now residing Brighton, Mindofalion began playing to the masses as the Monacles. A change in direction and name took the band up and down the country playing gigs and creating a fair bit of noise for themselves. Their fan base is growing rapidly with next year looking as busy as 2014, talks of a tour of Europe are planned for 2015. 


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G-C - Who are mindofalion, when and how did you form

M - Mindofalion are a hard working, up and coming 3 piece, based in Brighton, UK. Formed by brothers; Archie and Jack Brewis-Lawes in their home town, High Wycombe in 2012. The brothers have been writing together since they picked up instruments from the age of 12.

Musically, we have just written what feels natural. On a low budget, we have always written from the heart, making twists, self taught. Learning as we went. Always playing our own songs.

We have always wanted to write songs with meaning, we dont feel we should impose our views on anyone, but do feel songs are a great communication tool for people.

The music was an escape from the typical lifestyle of the English council estate. While most of our mates were playing the latest PS2 game, we were fighting and arguing over the creation of another song, in the garage.

Gaining influences from real life. At a very young age the brothers travelled around India, from there they witnessed the poverty that we don’t experience in our world. People begging in front of their god’s temples, different mind sets, ancient beliefs & the segregation and conflict caused by religion. They use music to express their own thoughts and state of mind influenced from these early experiences and blend the two to form Mindofalion.

We have played most of the London Indie clubs over our time, as well as some large Festivals. In the early days, it was always a real fight to prove ourselves, due to our age. But those promoters which have supported us along the way, have never been let down, which has been proven time and again, by repeat bookings.

College mate, Henna Malik joined the band in 2013, adding a great dimension to the band, with her Bass guitar and live stage presence. Joining the boys on two UK tours of 2014.

For those who haven’t heard of you how would you describe your music

A big Alternative/indie sound, containing a raw energy.

Who are your influences

We try not to base our music on other material but rather start writing a track with an initial message and vision/picture, then write the track around that.; things that we see day to day.

You released the EP, Zia Ground.. How was that received

Zia Ground has been our most recent offering and people have been loving the vibe of it. The track shows our development from our last tune ‘Obstacle’. I feel we have really started to find our feet with the sounds we were combining. Live, the track has been our strongest alongside Obstacle. We have played it a few times at pub and venue gigs, but the best recent experience of it live, would be in a small squat in East London. Everyone was bouncing, laughing, shouting, and really connecting to the track.

Where was it recorded

Recorded by a friend of ours; Rory Atwell (Test Icycles) (Bratwell Recordings) on the edge of the Thames in a light boat (lightship95).

Where can the EP be bought

Currently putting up on ITUNES, and available at our shows.

Anymore releases lined-up

About to release another track, ‘NATURA’ recorded in the same 2 days as Zia Ground with Rory. This will be on the EP that will go up on ITUNES.

What plans do you have lined-up for 2015

Always a battle to find funding and good stable mates to tour with, who share relative musical style, we are currently setting up some shows around Sweden for February, with Swedish band ‘MANKIND’ Taking as many venue/festival opportunities that we get to play in front of as many people as we can to widen our fan base around the UK and EUROPE. Through that we will be writing and recording more material, pushing the sound out for everyone to hear and taking things to higher levels.

Although we have always been DIY, we would love to meet a decent, honest agent and record label, to take us forward. A few mistakes and learning curves which cost us heavily, financially this year, but nothing will keep us down for long.

Cheers for interview Mindofalion, all the best for 2015... G-C

To book Mindofalion contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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