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Part of the emerging psych scene, Loaded are a four piece band consisting of three brothers and a female drummer.

The band have a layered but primitive sound using of a combination of minimalist, pop song structures and psychedelic experimentation. The impact of their live shows is heightened by hypnotic projections.

We asked Henry Wickett-Padgham  a few questions on what the band are up to;


G-C Who are Loaded

H W-P - We are female drummer Raissa and three brothers Jack, Henry and Louis

When and how did you form the band

Us brothers have always made music together. We started writing new stuff, got into the studio playing it etc but needed a drummer. Then we met Raissa out once with the most amazing trousers and she was looking for a band after quitting Charles Howl so she joined!

For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music

We are The Spacemen, The Stooges, MC5 and Sun Ra rolled into one. Our live performances are very intense and I think a lot of people really get what we're about when they see us live. When we say it's intense, we don't mean we jump around the stage like idiots, it's just so loud and we have very hypnotic projections that take over the whole of the stage

Who are your musical influences

We're very into a lot of music. It's really hard to pin down certain artists. We're all very passionate about a lot of genres from 60s psych to acid house

You are currently writing and recording new material

How does it differ from the previous sound - I think it's a truer representation of how we sound live; Heavy, fuzzy, hypnotic.

Are Loaded tracks available for purchase

They will be very soon. We are currently in the middle of recording our first ever EP which will be downloadable and on vinyl.

Where can we hear more from Loaded

At our gigs! We're supported the brilliant Vacant Lots in Rugby in March. We're also planning a European tour with another great band, yet to be announced

Current crop of bands, any you rate

The Vacant Lots are pretty brilliant. It's like if Suicide did Warlocks covers! Black Market Karma are also amazing and never get old. If you haven't seen them live, check them out, you'll be blown away.

What gigs do you currently have lined up

We're doing an in-store gig at Flashback Records on Essex Road which will be fun because we spend so much money there. We're also playing an all-dayer at the Shacklwell Arms on 22nd March

What else can we expect from Loaded for the remainder of the year

More freakouts, more fuzz and less jumping around

Cheers for the interview Henry.... G-C


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