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Laborde won the best new comer in the French version of NME, he then disappeared off the map. By chance we picked-up a post on Facebook from a fan playing one of his tracks. We then tracked him down, found him in Paris and was told that he was not signed, we stept in and done the honours.

We played the unmastered version of the new ep "Russian Times" to John Hellier at Wapping Wharf. John was digging it as well as everyone else that has heard it, from that point onwards it had to be unleashed.


G-C - What got you interested in music

L - I was seven or eight, I found a Beatles single “Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane” in my parents vinyl's collection. I listened to it and it changed my views on music, it seemed a lot more deeper than I thought, it was a good way to travel without having to spend a lot of money. 

You’re based in Paris, how is the underground music scene over there

I don't know really, but our football team PSG is getting better and better. 

New release, Russian Tunes – As well as vocals you play every instrument on the EP, what was the first you learnt to play

Drums, I was a kid when I learned how to do it. It's good to begin with drums it gives you the rhythm which helps you learn any other instrument, I think

You play every instrument on the EP.... Less pressure knowing that you can suit yourself when recording or more with no input from other band members.

Well, I don't feel pressure when I make music, alone or with others.

When you do it all on your own, you don't have to argue about the direction you take but on the flip side nobody helps you.   Solo act or as a band, I like both.

It is a more of a problem when im on stage, I think I'm gonna have to find an electronic solution. 

What hits you first, music or lyrics

I need a theme to begin, what's the song gonna be about? I dont know even if it's not really clear to be honest. I try to find the tune and after that I try to write lyrics that I'll be able to understand 

Tell us a bit more about Russian Tunes. What do the tracks relate to

“After The Rain” is a song about two distinct mornings. The first is being woken up by a friend and we started to drink and party even though it's the beginning of the day. The second is being woken up by a girl and I go back to bed with her. Moments like these when you think “Here Comes The Sun”

“Neanderthal” is about the power of hate, it can be helpful sometimes 

“Roller Coaster” is based on the words a Spanish Girl told me one day, she said I was alternatively thoughtful and distant. This wasn't a compliment but I'm afraid it's probably the way I am and I had to do a song about it. Thanks to her for that one!

“Miss Chow” is about a trip a friend of mine made to asia, he never really came back.

For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your music 

My music is red with purple flashes. Seriously, I think it's an attempt to do psych rock with a chemical brothers feel 

Would it be fair to say you are influenced by British music. There are strong ties to The Beatles, Oasis etc, whilst keeping your sound your own. 

Yes it's fair and I don't see any problems with being influenced by such great bands, even if they come from the perfidious albion. 

What other musical influences do you have.

I like people coming from different styles of music, from country to big beat, but I don't know if everything I listen to influences me at the end of the day. May be you're influenced by the things you have already listen to in a way. It's like the concept of reminiscence in the philosophy of plato ( yes I m a french c**t ). 

What do you think of the current crop of bands, any you rate

Everyone should listen to bands from Griffiths-Records and the world would be a better place, at least for me. 

Thanks for the interview Laborde, hope to see you on these shores soon


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