Kate Ross-Kellam (March Of The Mods)

on Saturday, 07 February 2015.

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Kate Ross-Kellam (March Of The Mods)


This years March of the Mods is just around the corner... However, first things first sees the LP launch of "Causing a Scene" with all profits donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. On top of that a LP launch party has been organised at The Borderline Feb 8th, London with free entry.... We caught up with Kate Ross Kellam from March of the Mods to find out more..


G-C -  March of the Mods “Causing a Scene”, great idea who was the brains behind the LP.

KRK - It was a joint idea between Eddie and myself, and like all things that are March of the Mods, they start off as a great idea and turn into great projects/events etc.

Double LP, who is on it

In Alphabetical Order

Berry Tweed & The Chasers

Button Up

Geno Washington and The Ram Jam Band




Mr Bridger


RAF Mod Band

Samuel S Parkes


Sixty Eight

Steve Marriott

Stone Foundation

The Anydays

The Apparells

The Beat Movement

The Broken Vinyl Club

The Capers

The Eyes

The Ganders

The Inciters

The King Zoots

The Kingston Ska Orchestra

The Kite Collectors

The Len Price 3

The Movement

The Mynd Set

The Past Tense

The Pepper Pots

The Repeat Offenders

The Riots

The Samuel Rogers Band

The Sha La La's

The SuperMinx'70

The Supernovas

The Theme

The Transmitters

The Universal

Welcome Pariah

How many tracks on the LP

There are 41 tracks on the album.

Released, Feb 2015, how are the sales going? Where is “Causing a Scene” available to purchase?

Sales are going well, people can order a hard copy of the album via http://www.marchofthemods.com/index.php/order-stuff-3/ but CD’s are limited in numbers and the link for CD’s will be taken down on Saturday 7th February, if people are attending the album launch party on Sunday 8th February at The Borderline, London, they will be able to purchase a copy there. And If there is any CD’s left they will be sent to the event organisers to sell at the 36 events taking place next month.

Everyone will be able to buy the album as a download from Sunday 8th February from http://www.marchofthemods.com/index.php/causing-a-scene-download/

With so many bands involved it must of taken sometime to organise

Yes this project started last May, and had taken right up until the end of November to get the right mix of tracks for the album. I had been sent over 150 plus tracks, and if we were putting together an  amazing indie album, I had more than enough, but as I said the objective has always been to try and cover the broad spectrum of music within ‘The Mod Scene’.

Where was it mixed and mastered

The album has been mastered by Graham Potter, he has done an amazing job.

Who produced the art work

The artwork has been kindly created by Jaymo Kid www.jaymokid.com

Currently on cd and digital, any plans for vinyl

Unfortunately not, but it may be something that we look into in the future.

How much has been raised and donated to the TCT since the initial idea in 2013

Up until now March of the Mods has raised just over £150,000 since our first 17 events in 2013.

March of the Mods continues to grow in size, what is next

To continue to grow,  ‘Build it, and they will come’. This year will see 36 event’s take place, and that is a staggering amount compared to two year’s ago.

Thanks very much in taking the time to do the interview Kate, all the best to everyone involved at this year’s March of the Mods 2015 


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