Gun Club Cemetery

on Saturday, 02 February 2013.

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Gun Club Cemetery



Former Hurricane #1 band member Alex Lowe is back with his new band Gun Club Cemetery..

With their already released debut three-track EP, Take Me Down Again, Gun Club Cemetery are Alex Lowe – vocals and guitar, Nick Repton – bass and Colin Ward – drums are ready to storm back with their raw sound....

We caught up with Alex to ask a few questions about the band... See below....


G-C - It’s been 6 months since Gun Club Cemetery formed.. Bradley Wiggins has been known to fly the flag for you and on top of that almost 60,000 Twitter followers, you must be doing something right. How do you feel it gone so far.
AL - Yeah we have been together around 6 months now i would say, its going really well thanks, our debut self released EP did 5000 downloads which was a shock. And people like Bradley Wiggins who i love and Alan McGee who has been a friend since Hurricane#1 days are big on the band also Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre who i speak to a lot on twitter. The main thing is we have a following now once you have that no matter how big you know you have a chance.
How did the new line up of Nick Repton on Bass and Colin Ward on drums come about?
To be honest I can’t remember haha I think I started speaking to nick online and then we started chatting on the phone, it actually took 2 years to put the band together because nick went off and done his own thing in Greece for a while and kind of gave up on the music business and i was busy painting art . and it was nick that introduced Colin t the band and that was it really.
You have quite a large mod following, albeit the tracks appeal to everyone…We think you still have that raw rock n roll sound.. How would you describe it?
It is very strange we have a large mod following I mean I class ourselves as an all out rock band to be honest but then again my favourite bands are The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Faces etc so maybe the fans hear that sound in our music. We are not complaining cause they are probably the best dressed fans in the world you got to have cool looking fans don’t ye? Hahah!

At the time of when one of your previous bands Hurricane #1 were around, there were some top bands knocking about… What do you think of the current crop that is around now days?

I have not a clue about new bands haha that’s the truth I couldn’t tell you who is out there at the moment which is sad really but I do like a band called Little Barrie but I just basically listen to The Stones The Beatles the who The Faces Classic bands who will never go out of style really. Maybe I need to get out more!

How do you think the industry has changed since the 90s?

I think nowadays it’s all about live shows again just like the 60,s were, and of course you have all this internet freedom of downloads which to me is a great and evil thing haha.
You’ve recently hooked back up with Alan McGee and signed to his new Record Label, 1123 Records. Must be good working together again?

Its brilliant, it really is. I always say this in interviews but Alan is and always will be my best mate he gave me a chance years ago the friendship comes first with Alan and myself it’s just mindblowing to be working with him again he knows what he is doing and has faith in the band.the good thing is, is that Alan is a music fan a band fan and that’s what you need someone that loves music.

You have released and EP… Take Me Down Again has a Faces vibe about it… Big influences?
Yea very big influence i love The Faces good time rocknroll band, I worked with Ian McClagan on the second Hurricane#1 album and he was amazing what a great guy!! Hopefully he will be working on some GCC stuff in the future maybe even get Ronnie Wood on some stuff as well. Yeah it does have that Faces, Stones type vibe which like said i love very acoustic sound but big at the same time.

There has been talk of an album… Any release dates?

Actually we were going to be doing a self release but then Alan came along and offered us a deal
So we are waiting to do that should be summer release which isn’t to long away, I have 3 albums worth of material written so plenty of songs to work from. I have got other material as well that I may try and release.
What can we expect from GCC for 2013?
Hopefully plenty of live shows, the music business has changed so much since my Hurricane#1 days i think its more about getting out and playing live to the fans so that’s where it’s at for us.

Will be starting my March Acoustic tour on the 28th March through to 6th April

Many thanks for your time Alex…..

Thank you very much.




Take Me Down Again EP/Press Release

It’s only rock and roll, but we like it. The trouble is there’s not much of it around at the moment, is there? Plastic pop stars and glorified karaoke singers are all the rage and good, old-fashioned, down and dirty guitar music has died a death.

Until now, that is…. Things are about to change with the arrival of Gun Club Cemetery – the new three-piece band fronted by former Hurricane#1 singer Alex Lowe.
Set to unleash their debut three-track EP, Take Me Down Again, on the newly-formed label Smart Art Records, Gun Club Cemetery (Alex Lowe – vocals and guitar, Nick Repton – bass and Colin Ward – drums) are what the world is waiting for.

And for Alex, it’s the chance to be back where he belongs, fronting a no-frills, no- nonsense rock and roll band. “It feels amazing. I really like playing solo, but to be on stage with a group of friends is the best feeling in the world,” he says.
“I want Gun Club Cemetery to be a great band and to stick together through thick and thin. Since Hurricane#1 split up, I played with so many time wasting musicians – I got sick to death of it. I just want to make it work, make some cool records and get out on the road.”

It couldn’t be simpler than that and the new EP certainly is a cool record, from the gorgeous country-rock balladry of the title track, which recalls The Faces, to the infectious retro guitar pop of Dead Man’s Tongue and the full-on, dirty, snarling rock and roll of The Hollow Face Of A Shallow Man – think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club meets The Stones.
The new EP will be followed by the release of the band’s debut album, which will be out later this year.

So, how will Gun Club Cemetery fit into the current music scene? “Is there a music scene? To be honest, I don’t listen to anything except The Beatles, The Stones and Crowded House,” says Alex.

Like we said, it's only rock and roll….Gun Club Cemetery’s debut EP Take Me Down Again will be released on TBC with an album to follow. Both releases will be on GCC Music

Alex will be playing an acoustic tour starting march 28th 2013.



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