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Cow were formed in late 2006 by Mark & Maxine, singer songwriters of the band.
After playing several showcase gigs to highlight their compositions they decided to record an album of their work. In 2009 they set about working on a 12 track album. Initially it was intended to be solely acoustic but as things progressed in the studio with the songs growing in texture and flavour the end product was a very earthy with a soul sound which involved drums keys and some Indian vibes.
After supporting Paul Weller for 5 nights at The Royal Albert Hall in London, they we were asked back to play 6 more shows on Paul Weller's arena tour, playing venues such as Brighton Centre, Birmingham NIA, Cardiff Arena, Bournemouth NIC and Wembley Arena.
Cow were also asked to perform a live session for Janis Long on BBC radio 2, this after she had heard their first album and had said on her show. "I love Cow they have great songs and have their own sound".
The band also had a track titled Black Harvest used on the cover mount CD of the April edition of Mojo magazine. To coinside with Mojo they played three shows at The Camden Roundhouse supporting Paul Weller on his Sonik Kicks review.
Cow now have another album lining up, so we caught up with Mark and Maxine to find out more.

G-C - Who are Cow

C - Cow are Mark and Maxine Boxall

What is behind the name

The reason we are called cow is our logo reads mod when turned upside down..... It was a bit of a fluke but we're having it!!

How would you describe your sound

It’s always difficult to put a name to your sound, but if we had to call it something it would be earthy, soulful funky and psychedelic with a hint of pop!

Who are your musical influences and why

Our musical influences are very broad. They range from Glen Campbell, Alan Tousaint, Ronnie Lane, Al Green, Dann Penn and Spooner Oldham, Janis Joplin, Julie Driscoll, Bert Bacharach, Holland Dozier Holland, Gamble and Huff, Beatles, Stones, Small Faces, Kinks, The Who, Tamla, Northern Soul, Philly, you get the picture.  Why? Because this was passed onto us from the generations above us.

What got you in to music

It's in our blood, passed down from family heraldry

Steve Ellis played on a double A-side release of Cow’s. How did that come about

Steve Ellis...... What can u say ,,,,, Legend!, We met Steve in a record store in Brighton, and straight away hit it off, he is a lovely, generous and down to earth gentleman with an incredible talent and a heart of gold.... We told him we were singer songwriters and immediately the connection was lit up.... We swapped phone numbers, sent Steve some trax of ours that we thought may be suitable and it took off from there. We released a double A sided single called Up and also wrote Steve a trak for his forthcoming album, which sounds amazing. What people seem to forget about Steve is apart from being a fantastic soul singer he is also a fine song writer to, his album also includes collaborations from Paul Weller, The Moons, The Dream
Foundry and Mike D'Abo, and it is mega!

You also roped in Paul Weller, Andy Lewis and Steve Pilgrim for your LP release ‘COW 3’. What is the story behind that

We kidnapped Paul Weller and kept him hostage in his Blackbarn Studio until he worked his mod magic on our albums. He has played on all 3 albums. We have worked with Andy Lewis in the past and have contributed to one of his projects, so he returned the favour by playing bass guitar and cello on a few of our trax. Stevie Pilgrim was baking a cake at the barn so we thought we would ask him to put down
his egg whisk and jump on the drums for us, which was nice, and so was
the cake!

What studio were the 3 albums recorded

All three of our albums have been recorded at Blackbarn Studio in Ripley, near Woking.

On what formats are Cow’s releases available

Cow's releases are available on double A side 7 inch signed vinyl single with Steve Ellis.

Where can they be purchased

All three albums are available on download, as well as a handful of cd's of our recent album COW 3....... All available from

 What is your song writing process

There is no song writing process really, we sit down on piano or acoustic guitar and let the hand of mod do the rest. Sometimes we have a good opening lyric line and we roll on from there or we may have a melody or a riff, and then grow it, but sometimes we will write half a dozen songs and only use one.

Who are you currently listening to

We are currently listening to Gregory Porter, Rag and Bone Man, Michael Kiwinarku, as well as the Retro Gem's.

What do you think of the current music scene on a whole

The current music scene at the moment is probably at the lowest place it’s been for years. If you’re under the age of 15 you may be ok but for any age above that, there isn’t enough consistent or articulate song writing coming through, if reality boil in the bag pop is the only thing that is hitting the charts they can stick it up their arseholes,
that’s only our opinion.

You have made plans to write a new album, how is that going.

We are currently working on demo's for our 4th album and are privileged to be working with Richard Morey, bass and author and drummer extraordinaire Ian Snowy Snowball, and its working real fine! v.exited.

When can we expect a release date

Release date hopefully will be end of year or maybe before.

Any gigs in the pipe line

No gigs as yet , but certainly will be, first we need to get the new album in the bag.

What is up next for Cow in 2017

Really as above.... writing a worthy album, getting the band 
rehearsed up and match fit, and world domination..... and maybe take out trump on the way ha ha !!

Cheers to Mark and Maxine in taking the time to answer the questions, as well as Gabbie SRB Radio in Birmingham, UK for setting up the interview. 

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