Chainska Brassika

on Wednesday, 10 April 2013.

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Chainska Brassika


Suporting artist such as, Mad Professor, Musical Youth, Dawn Penn, Love Grocer, Gaz Mayall & The Trojans and a nod to the band by Jerry Dammers, ChainSka Brassika are a 9 piece ska-fuelled, energetic reggae and dub band from South East London. Their lively old-school ska sound combines with the skank of today’s bass culture and commands any audience get up and dance. Their first single, ‘This I Know’, was released 1st April 2013.


For those that haven’t heard Chainska Brassika how would you describe your musical style

We would descibe our style as being a unique blend of ska, reggae and our own dub-jungle style. This gives us an old-school ska sound yet also gives it a more current sound associated with the rising bass culture in the UK music scene.

Who is in the band

The band can have up to 9 people performing at one time and feature a 4 peice horn section known as the brassika horns. The band comprises Ash Davis, Henry Freestone, Toby Keel, Seth Wallis, James Howell, Lucas Petter, Rory Pagan, Tom Keel and James Hoctor.

How did you all meet

The whole band met at school together in New Cross, in South-East London, where the band are still based. We've all been playing music with one another for years and years.

Who are your musical influences

Due to the large amount of band members the band has a huge range of influences which probably contributes to our multi-genre songs. The Skatalites are a huge influence particularly on the horn players with Don Drummond and Roland Alphonso being some of the best players of all time. The 2-tone revival has also got to have a mention, as well as the dub soundsystems with Jah Shaka only living down the road.

You have just released a video for the single This I know, (available on itunes) how is that all going

The response we've had has been amazing and we're really pleased with how the single has come out. We're already planning the next one!

You have supported Mad Professor, Musical Youth, Dawn Penn, Love Grocer, Gaz Mayall & The Trojans, Jerry Dammers, Dirty Dike & Jam Baxter. Some top names, must have been great supporting them

Being able to support such great artists is great and we've learnt alot from seeing them play. We're also going to be supporting reggae lengends The Abyssinians in May.

Any other gigs lined-up

We have got a huge summer tour lined up, with multiple slots at major UK festivals booked in as well as a few venue gigs around the UK. We will be announcing all very shortly...

What else is the pipe line for Chainska Brassika in 2013

Recording, touring, song writing and lots of hard work. Chainska are coming for you!

Cheers Chainska Brassika!

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