Black Noire (Darron J Connett)

on Wednesday, 09 September 2015.

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Black Noire (Darron J Connett)


We cant say much more than we rate the man that gives you a straight answer and is as honest as the day is long. Ladies and Gents, Mr Darron J Connett...

G-C - Darron, new band, who are Black Noire

DJC - Black Noire for me are just another outlet where I can express myself creatively, a music project if you like with some great musicians

Dan is an old sparring partner but how did you meet Emily

Yes Dan was the last of the troubadours bassist after Rob went back to the Rifles so I know how great he was and Emily is Dans mrs, she is a film composer so is perfect for the arranging of strings, piano etc. They are just out of Uni so come from a different angle as the industry has changed a lot since I started back in 1839

What’s behind the band’s name

I had loads of ideas floating about my head but with names they always seem to be taken. Black Noire came to me one day and it suited perfectly, we chose the feminine Noire with the E for Emily.

For those that haven’t heard Black Noire, how would you describe the sound

Our sound is influenced by chamber pop Scott Walker and artist like that but we've all brought something to the table so it’s taken a life of its own. There’s nothing out there remotely like us and for the listener that sometimes throws them and it’s hard for them to except because for my generation. There’s still the Noel Gallagher solo going on which is fine but music’s about creating not copying, take your influences a course but make it yours. I could name loads of bands that are basically ripping off other bands and claiming to be the saviours of music. Bollocks mate, you’re a tribute band at best but if that's what they want to do great. Nostalgia sells simple as that

Last time we spoke you were in the Last of the Troubadours. You had recently played the Isle of Wight fest, all was on the up so why the change in direction

I love the TLOTT boys so there was no fall out and if they want to ever play again and the timings right then I’m there. I’m just a bit of a itcher and sometimes feel the need to do something else. At one time we were the best out there I don't care how that comes across, big-headed or egotistical it’s a fact! But the line-up changed and no disrespect to anyone I felt for me it was time to go.

You released your new EP, Tales of the Unaffected on Delicious Junction Records, how is that coming along

Del junction have always backed everything ive done and I love them for it. I’m very loyal to them and they are to me and I hope that continues.

Where did you record the EP

In a little bedroom in South London through the summer and Autumn of 2014, never recorded like that before so it was all new to me... Someone give us a luxury studio haha

Where is the EP available to purchase

Itunes, Amazon and all those places for downloads. For the cd format there’s a few independent shops doing it, I’ve also planted a few around London in bars, shops and charity shops so you might be lucky, as well as via paypal from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. £5

What are you currently listening to

Well as I’m doing this interview The Faces. I’ve just seen them with Rod back at the helm after 40 years, fuckin special let me tell you. So I’m in a faces bubble at the minute

New video released on You Tube for the track Give My Regards, where was it filmed

The video was filmed in a place called Morden in South London by an up & coming film maker Ryan Relf

Any gig dates lined up

I’m not sure Black Noire is a live thing, we did a short set at the 100club at the end of last year but we really need a 20 piece orchestra. As we’ve only got 20p between us that looks unlikely but you never know.

What can we expect from DJC and Black Noire for the remainder of the year

Black Noire will continue to release tracks. We are in the process right now of writing new stuff, it will be an ongoing thing hopefully. But I really want to get a band together and re-start some solo stuff that could quite possibly become another band. Im sitting on all these songs, some new some older but I feel they need releasing. Lately people are mentioning my solo stuff so I feel there’s a bit of unfinished business. Maybe it’s a vanity project maybe it’ll be the one. Who knows but one thing for sure there’s plenty of petrol in the tank and I never not see myself music, so we'll see...

Always a pleasure Darron.. All the best G-C



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