Big Boss Man

on Tuesday, 26 February 2013.

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Big Boss Man



With a busy schedule of gigs and a forth LP arriving in September 2013, we were fortunate enough bang a few questions over to BBM.

Signed to Blow Up Records the band consists of:

Bongolian Nass - Organ/Percussion
Wah Wah Trev - Guitar
The Hawk Scott - Bass
Des - Drums




G-C You formed in 1999, we got in to Big Boss Man off the back of Humanize (Blow Up Records)… How did you all meet

BBM - The original lineup met in our hometown in Newbury, Berkshire , all mates -just got together for fun originally , so we could play the music we wanted to hear. We played a gig at Blow Up Record's night at the Wag and got signed. Then a few years later when bass player the Hawk moved to Bristol we met current drummer Des.

For those that haven’t heard you, how would you describe the music

We play a Hammond heavy mix of funk/bongo/fuzz mayhem.

Some serious tunes you boys play, do you use original equipment to capture that sound.. If so what

Nass is a serious collector of vintage gear; his studio is packed with 60's & 70's organs: Hammonds, Farfisas, Yamahas, Pianos; Wurlitzer, Rhodes and loads of early mono-synths and other mental stuff..

Who are your musical influences

Jimmy Smith, James Brown, Ray Barretto, Small Faces.

How many LP’s to date have you released

Three Lps to date; Humanize, Winner & Full English Beat Breakfast

What do you think of the current crop of underground bands, any you rate

Theres some good bands about if you look hard enough. - the Strypes and De Wolfe are pretty cool.

You remixed Paul Weller’s “The Bottle” how did that come about

Paul Weller's "People" contacted us to do the re-mix of the bottle - Jolly nice of him to give us a go!

There is talk of another LP for 2013, any news on a release date

Its true BBM IV LP comes out (hopefully) in September so we will have 

Apart from the LP, what can we expect from Big Boss Man this year

Quite alot of gigs to promote it, dates confirmed so far:
01 March: Paradise Kensal Green, London.
17 May, Canteen, Bristol
29 June, Glasgow Mod weekender
06 Sep Trip Out Custom show
20 Sep Yardbird, Birmingham
27 Sep Arlington arts center, Newbury
+ more to be confirmed

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